Three New Star Wars Games Coming From EA

Elec­tron­ic Arts has announced big plans to devel­op more Star Wars games, with its stu­dios and part­ners devel­op­ing three new games. This includes a sequel to Star Wars: Jedi Fall­en Order, as well as a first-per­son shoot­er (being made by Respawn) and a strat­e­gy game from for­mer XCOM devs.

Respawn game direc­tor Stig Asmussen is work­ing on the next entry in the Star Wars Jedi series. Game direc­tor Peter Hirschmann will be tak­ing on the first-per­son shoot­er. The third game–the strat­e­gy title–will be devel­oped by the new­ly estab­lished stu­dio Bit Reac­tor. Respawn will be pro­duc­ing this title, with Bit Reac­tor han­dling the devel­op­ment. How­ev­er, EA has no plans to devel­op Bat­tle­front 3.

Accord­ing to reporter Jason Schreier, the new Jedi game might be released as soon as lat­er this year, while the oth­er two titles are “many years away.” In EA’s own press release, it called on devel­op­ers to apply to the com­pa­ny’s open posi­tions to work on the new Star Wars games.

We are excit­ed to con­tin­ue work­ing with the superbly tal­ent­ed devel­op­ers at Respawn,” Lucas­film Games boss Dou­glas Reil­ly stat­ed. “They have demon­strat­ed excel­lence in telling epic Star Wars sto­ries along with best-in-class game­play across dif­fer­ent gen­res and we are look­ing for­ward to bring­ing more amaz­ing expe­ri­ences to the galaxy far, far away.”

Hirschmann was pre­vi­ous­ly a VP of devel­op­ment at LucasArts, hav­ing pro­duced the orig­i­nal Bat­tle­front games. Work has only “just begun” on the new Star Wars FPS at Respawn.

Accord­ing to reporter Jeff Grubb, Respawn’s new Star Wars FPS is being made by the same team that devel­oped the VR game, Medal of Hon­or: Above and Beyond. How­ev­er, this new title is not a VR title, and is more of a “tra­di­tion­al” FPS.

When it comes to Bit Reac­tor’s new Star Wars strat­e­gy game, noth­ing is real­ly know about it, but pro­duc­tion is being led by for­mer XCOM and Civ­i­liza­tion devel­op­ers, includ­ing Greg Foertsch.

In total, EA has sold more than 52 mil­lion Star Wars games over the years have gen­er­at­ed $3 bil­lion, with the mobile game Galaxy of Heroes gen­er­at­ing $1 bil­lion in micro­trans­ac­tions on its own. 

Build­ing on the pre­vi­ous suc­cess­es of our EA rela­tion­ship, this new col­lab­o­ra­tion high­lights the trust and mutu­al respect shared between the world-class teams at EA, Respawn, and Lucas­film Games,” Walt Dis­ney Games VP Sean Shoptaw said. “Fos­tered by the exper­tise and pas­sion with­in each team, we will cre­ate thrilling orig­i­nal games for diverse audi­ences across the Star Wars galaxy.”

EA no longer holds the exclu­sive license for Star Wars games on con­sole and PC. Ubisoft is devel­op­ing its own new open-world Star Wars game, while Zyn­ga is mak­ing a free-to-play shoot­er called Star Wars: Hunters. A Knights of the Old Repub­lic remake is also in devel­op­ment for the PS5 and PC from Aspyr Media.

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