Last week, Gear­box released a hot­fix that gave Moze, The Gun­ner a bunch of buffs, and it looks like she got more this week. 

Slot Machine Mania and Tri­als Take-All mini events have already end­ed, but have been replaced by two new events, one which play­ers have seen before. 

Rare Chest Rich­es is an event that has been brought to Bor­der­lands 3 before, giv­ing play­ers an increased chance of receiv­ing Leg­endary items from Rare Chests (the red ones). The sec­ond event is called Loot Mon­ster May­hem, which increas­es your chance of see­ing Loot ene­mies in the game and increas­es their chances to drop Leg­endary gear. Both events end on April 16th.

Gear­box’s first improve­ments to Moze last week, were an attempt to give her more sur­viv­abil­i­ty and the Iron Bear more via­bil­i­ty. This week’s hot­fix brings anoth­er set of changes based on Gear­box’s “inves­ti­ga­tion.” You can see the adjust­ments below:

  • Explo­sive Punc­tu­a­tion: Increased the cooldown rate award­ed to 8%
  • Ham­mer­down Pro­to­col: Increased the dam­age out­put to 600% and reduced the reload time
  • Click, Click…: Increased dam­age bonus from 12/24/36% to 20/40/60%
  • Spe­cial­ist Bear: Increased the dam­age from +25% to +60%

Iron Bear Weapons

  • Increased the base dam­age of the Sala­man­der Flame Thrower
  • Increased Chem­i­cal Warfare’s Melt Dam­age to 125%
  • Increased the base dam­age of the Railgun
  • Reduced Capac­i­tive Armature’s dam­age reduc­tion from ‑75% to ‑30%
  • Reduced Cor­ro­sive Sabot Round’s dam­age reduc­tion from ‑50% to ‑15%
  • Increased Shockhammer’s Shock Dam­age to 60% of dam­age dealt

Source: Gear­box