The Switch Has Outsold The Wii, Is Now Nintendo’s Best-Selling Home Console

The Nin­ten­do Switch has now sold over 103.54 mil­lion con­soles worldwide–which is up 10 mil­lion units since September–finally beat­ing the 101.6 mil­lion sales mile­stone of the Wii.

While the Switch’s impres­sive sales still don’t make it Nin­ten­do’s best-sell­ing hard­ware ever–that still belongs to the Nin­ten­do DS fam­i­ly with over 154 mil­lion units sold–this hybrid did man­age to final­ly top­ple the once great Wii.

Accord­ing to Nin­ten­do 18.95 mil­lion Switch con­soles were sold dur­ing the first nine months of its last fis­cal year, with sales drop­ping by 21.4% when com­pared to the pre­vi­ous year. While Nin­ten­do points to sup­ply short­ages caused by the ongo­ing pan­dem­ic and the Ani­mal Cross­ing: New Hori­zons bub­ble burst­ing, it still expects to ship 23 mil­lion Switch sales before the end of March.

Nin­ten­do Switch and Nin­ten­do Switch Lite also sus­tained sales momen­tum fol­low­ing the launch of Nin­ten­do Switch OLED Mod­el, and all three mod­els sold well while main­tain­ing a good sales bal­ance,” Nin­ten­do stat­ed in its Feb­ru­ary 2022 finan­cial results. “Last fis­cal year, the March 2020 release of Ani­mal Cross­ing: New Hori­zons was a major dri­ver of hard­ware sales, so com­pared to the same peri­od of last year, the unit sales declined for hard­ware result­ing in 18.95 mil­lion units (a decrease of 21.4% year-on-year).”

The orig­i­nal Switch con­sole has sold 81.68 mil­lion units by the end of 2021. The Switch Lite mod­el land­ed sec­ond place with 17.87 mil­lion sales, with the new Switch OLED mod­el has sold over 3.99 mil­lion units since its launch.

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