Sony has con­firmed that the PlaySta­tion 5 will not be sup­port­ing expand­ed inter­nal SSD stor­age when the con­sole launch­es in just under a week. 

The gam­ing giant con­firmed the news to The Verge, stat­ing they plan to intro­duce the func­tion­al­i­ty in the future via an update. This should­n’t be too much of a sur­prise, since Sony has stressed sev­er­al times they need to ver­i­fy what SSDs can be used. 

Dur­ing the GDC back in March, Sony’s Mark Cerny made it clear that those look­ing to expand stor­age would have to be patient. “It’d be great if that hap­pened by launch, but it’s like­ly to be a bit past it, so please hold off on get­ting that M.2 dri­ve until you hear from us,” Cerny stated.

The PS5 fea­tures a cus­tom I/O inter­face that con­sumer SSDs need to be checked against for com­pat­i­bil­i­ty, out­side of the 5.5GB/s min­i­mum speed require­ments the only some PCie 4.0 SSDs are start­ing to reach. Sony also needs to make sure that the SSD will be able to fit with­in the enclo­sure for the NVMe expan­sion. Accord­ing to The Verge, Sony has­n’t even start­ed test­ing SSDs for viability.

Of course, this pos­es a prob­lem for future PS5 own­ers who plan on play­ing mul­ti­ple games rather soon. All PS5 games need to be installed to the inter­nal SSD to play, while PS4 titles can be stored and played from exter­nal dri­ves. With reports of the PS5 hav­ing a lit­tle over 650GB of use­able stor­age, it’s going to be a con­stant game of unin­stalling and rein­stalling games before expan­sions become available.