While a lot of tech­nol­o­gy is chang­ing with the PlaySta­tion 5, it still remains a famil­iar expe­ri­ence, now more refined over the years. Tro­phies made an appear­ance dur­ing the PlaySta­tion 3 era, and will unlike­ly to be leav­ing any­time soon. How­ev­er, the PS5 has made some big changes to how the Tro­phy sys­tem works, as well as lit­er­al­ly record­ing your achievements.

Kin­da Fun­ny’s Greg Miller detailed how Sony’s achieve­ment sys­tem func­tions on the PS5 dur­ing a pre­view of Astro’s Play­room. Accord­ing to his pre­view, the PS5 does­n’t just cap­ture a screen­shot of you unlock­ing a tro­phy, it now cap­tures a short video of your in-game efforts when unlock­ing it.

In com­par­i­son to the PS4, the PlaySta­tion 5’s Tro­phy record­ing sys­tem is a big change. Of course, the PS4 auto­mat­i­cal­ly takes a screen­shot when you get a tro­phy, with the occa­sion­al black screen­shot from blocked con­tent. It’s unclear if this fea­ture will be applied to those games that block the use of the PS4 Share func­tion, which results in those black screenshots.