In just a lit­tle over a week, on Novem­ber 12th, the PlaySta­tion 5 will launch. How­ev­er, Sony has nev­er giv­en con­crete infor­ma­tion regard­ing how much space the con­soles’ SSD will actu­al­ly have. Accord­ing to at least one leak of the sys­tem infor­ma­tion, it’s just shy of 670GB.

The PS5 is ship­ping with a cus­tom 825GB SSD, but of course, not all of it will be free for game instal­la­tions. The con­sole’s oper­at­ing sys­tem needs some of that space to allow it to func­tion. Not­ed leak­er Okami13 shared a cap­ture of the stor­age space, which was report­ed by Games­Radar. It shows a dis­play of 648GB free out of 667GB, which would include the instal­la­tion space required for the free Astro’s Playroom.

Although the Xbox Series X ships with a 1TB SSD its oper­at­ing sys­tem requires a bit more space, drop­ping the total stor­age to 802GB. So while there is more over­all space, the PS5’s OS is slight­ly more efficient. 

Sony’s approach to to expand­able SSD stor­age is giv­ing play­ers the option to use off-the-shelf NVMe SSDs to expand PS5 stor­age. These SSDs will need to be approved by Sony before­hand, but as of yet, they haven’t list­ed any com­pat­i­ble dri­ves ahead of the con­soles launch.