The Out­er Worlds has been patched to include next-gen enhance­ments for PlaySta­tion 5 and Xbox Series X. Sev­er­al peo­ple on social media report­ed The Out­er Worlds received an update yes­ter­day, March 15th, which boost­ed the game’s frame rate up to 60FPS.

A Twit­ter user post­ed a video show­ing the update mak­ing The Out­er Worlds look­ing smoother on a PS5 with the high­er frame rate. An Xbox user report­ed the update being around 26 GB in size.

Devel­op­er Obsid­i­an had not released any offi­cial patch notes at the time, but has since release notes today. With­in these notes, Obsid­i­an states the “frame rate cap has been removed on PS5 and Series X (but not Series S).” 

The Mur­der on Eri­danos expan­sion is com­ing to PlaySta­tion, Xbox and PC tomor­row, March 17th. It’s a mur­der-mys­tery on the plan­et Eri­danos were your char­ac­ter must uncov­er who assas­si­nat­ed the spokesper­son for a new brands of space vodka.

This is the last expan­sion for The Out­er Worlds, and will be $15 USD