The Outer Worlds 2 Announced For Xbox Series X|S And PC, Heading to Game Pass

Obsid­i­an announced The Out­er Worlds 2 dur­ing the Xbox and Bethes­da Show­case today. The most notable part of the reveal trail­er was the game’s logo and some shots that might be from game. Not many oth­er details came to light.

The Out­er Worlds 2 will launch on Xbox Series X|S and PC and is head­ing to Xbox Game Pass day one, as is typ­i­cal of Microsoft first-par­ty titles. There was no men­tion of the game com­ing to the Xbox One.

The Out­er Worlds 2 trail­er was pok­ing fun at oth­er com­pa­nies who use E3 time to show games but not give infor­ma­tion, which is essen­tial­ly what this reveal is. Since Obsid­i­an Enter­tain­ment is owned by Microsoft, it’s like­ly this game will be exclu­sive to Xbox and PC. Although The Out­er Worlds make its way to the PS4, it looks like it the sequel won’t be com­ing to the PS5 this time around.

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