Sony’s lat­est mod­el of the PS5, which comes with a new screw for its stand and weighs about two-thirds of a pound lighter, isn’t any worse than the launch ver­sion. That is accord­ing to exten­sive test­ing done by Dig­i­tal Foundry and Gamer’s Nexus. Of course, YouTu­ber Austin Evans claimed the weight shed from the new PS5 mod­el came entire­ly from the heatsink.

This would nat­u­ral­ly result in con­sole to run a bit hot­ter, and it does, but just slight­ly. The dif­fer­ence only amounts to a cou­ple of degrees Cel­sius, and would be the same that a PC enthu­si­ast might see switch­ing from one CPU cool­er to anoth­er. The tem­per­a­ture change is neg­li­gi­ble at best.

Stephen Burke from Gamers Nexus empha­sized that peo­ple should be per­form­ing reg­u­lar main­te­nance on their PS5, no mat­ter what mod­el they’ve got. “Our rec­om­men­da­tion to you all would be… make sure it’s main­tained. Don’t let dust build up, it’s real­ly easy to pop those pan­els off, any­one can do it,” Burke said.

It should also be men­tioned that this new mod­el also runs games exact­ly the same as the launch mod­el does, as shown by Dig­i­tal Foundry.