It appears that the PS5’s DualSense is the lat­est gam­ing con­troller to face the annoy­ing issue of stick drift. This is when the con­troller reg­is­ters joy­stick move­ment, even if the play­er has­n’t touched the stick. It’s unclear how wide­spread this prob­lem is for the DualSense, but those look­ing to get defec­tive devices fixed are look­ing at long wait times and ship­ping charges.

Kotaku report­ed that some peo­ple are post­ing sto­ries and videos of their con­trollers drift­ing, as well as their expe­ri­ences try­ing to get them fixed or replaced through Sony. A Game­FAQs forum shows at least 9 dif­fer­ent threads by users expe­ri­enc­ing drift in their PS5 controllers.

The con­troller I had pack­aged with my PS5 had drift only a week in (I got it at launch) and it def­i­nite­ly was not wear and tear since I prob­a­bly put in less than 10 hours at that point,” user Lion­hart­wolf explained in one thread.

They said they would send me a box so I could send it in. I’ve been wait­ing just under 2 weeks though and still noth­ing,” the post reads. “One con­cern­ing fac­tor I saw was with the ship­ping instruc­tions though. Despite the [cus­tomer ser­vice] guy say­ing they will pay for ship­ping the email says I am responsible.”

A cus­tomer ser­vicer rep­re­sen­ta­tive con­tact­ed by Kotaku con­firmed that con­troller drift is cov­ered by war­ran­ty. They are explained that the cus­tomer is respon­si­ble for pay­ing ship­ping to a Sony repair facil­i­ty. Sony will pay for the ship­ping back to the customer.

The same firm that filed a com­plaint against Nin­ten­do is also cur­rent­ly inves­ti­gat­ing a poten­tial class-action law­suit against Sony over the drift­ing issue. The law firm is ask­ing those affect­ed by the PS5 issue to fill out a form on its website.