Anoth­er week has passed and the third round of the Black Ops Cold War beta has start­ed. Tre­yarch has pro­vid­ed a list of changes they’ve made from the pre­vi­ous. It also includes a new game mode edi­tion and an increase in lev­el cap to 31, which intro­duces a whole new set of perks, equip­ment and weapons to use.

The newest mode to enter the beta is Fireteams: Dirty Bomb. It pins 10 squads against each oth­er as they fight to col­lect ura­ni­um, locate Dirty Bombs, deposit ura­ni­um and det­o­nate the bombs to spread radi­a­tion across the map. There are also two new maps for Fireteams: Dirty Bomb, Ruka and Alpine.

With the lev­el cap increase to 31, play­ers can unlock new weapons, perks, equip­ment and more, includ­ing:

  • WEAPONS: LW3 — Tun­dra sniper rifle, QBZ-83 assault rifle + more
  • PERKS: Cold Blood­ed, Flak Jack­et
  • SCORESTREAK: Napalm Strike
  • WILDCARD: Gun­fight­er
  • EQUIPMENT: Molo­tov
  • CUSTOM CLASS: Slot #10

On Sat­ur­day, Octo­ber 17th, Tre­yarch is increas­ing the lev­el cap again, to 40. Play­ers can then unlock:

  • WEAPONS: RPD light machine gun, RPG‑7 launch­er, Mag­num pis­tol + more
  • PERKS: Quar­ter­mas­ter, Nin­ja
  • SCORESTREAKS: Air Patrol, Chop­per Gun­ner
  • WILDCARD: Perk Greed
  • EQUIPMENT: Decoy, Sem­tex
  • FIELD UPGRADE: Jam­mer

Hard­point is cur­rent­ly avail­able in the Quick­play list, and Con­trol will join that playlist on Sat­ur­day. Along­side the addi­tion of Con­trol, a new Com­bine Arms Mosh­pit playlist will be avail­able, with a mix of 12v12 Dom­i­na­tion and Assault modes on Car­tel, Arma­da and Cross­roads.

You can see the full changes from last week­end to this week­end, below:


In response to play­er feed­back and game data from last weekend’s PS4 Beta, we’ve made a new round of game­play updates and tun­ing changes to move­ment, weapons, attach­ments, and more. For our PC play­ers join­ing us this week­end, there’s also a list of known issues and workarounds to be aware of.


  • Reduced the speed of the ini­tial slide impulse and slight­ly short­ened slide dura­tion.
    • Dur­ing the PS4 Beta, we found play­ers over-rely­ing on slid­ing to tra­verse ground quick­ly or engage in close quar­ters, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to tar­get play­ers in the open. Our goal is for slid­ing to func­tion as a smooth tran­si­tion to cov­er, escape, or tran­si­tion to a crouch­ing stance. This weekend’s changes result in a snap­pi­er slide that bet­ter fit our goals for the mechan­ic. 
  • Sig­nif­i­cant­ly reduced slide speed with the Duster Stock attach­ment equipped.
    • In Week­end 1, the Duster Stock attach­ment account­ed for mas­sive slide speed increas­es that didn’t fit into our more ground­ed com­bat loop. With this new change, Duster Stock now offers a mod­est improve­ment in slide speed that is more bal­anced with oth­er attach­ment offer­ings.


  • Milano 821
    • Reduced dam­age falloff range.
      • This update caus­es the 4‑hit kill range to turn to 5 hits at 12.8 meters, down from 19.2 meters dur­ing the PS4 Beta.
  • AK-47
    • Slight­ly reduced recoil.
      • We’d like to see the AK-47 remain a top con­tender for assault rifle picks, and it was bare­ly edged out by the XM4 and Krig 6 in the PS4 Beta. By reduc­ing its recoil, we’re giv­ing AK-47 users a bet­ter oppor­tu­ni­ty to com­pete.
  • M16
    • Increased time between bursts from .216s to .233s.
      • This weapon’s high lethal­i­ty and well-round­ed attrib­ut­es allowed it to over-per­form even out­side of its intend­ed role dur­ing the PS4 Beta. This change keeps the M16’s pow­er and accu­ra­cy while requir­ing more pre­ci­sion.
  • Type 63
    • Reduced recoil.
      • Our new recoil sys­tem tun­ing made this weapon a bit too dif­fi­cult to hit mul­ti­ple shots on tar­get. We’ve toned down the recoil to make it more effec­tive as the pre­ci­sion weapon it was meant to be.
  • RPD
    • Slight­ly reduced hip­fire spread.
      • While the RPD can be effec­tive at long range, we’ve improved its close-range reli­a­bil­i­ty com­pared to the PS4 Beta.
  • Gal­lo SA12
    • Adjust­ed medi­um-range dam­age to require three hits to kill instead of two at mid-range.
      • This was an extreme­ly effec­tive sec­ondary through­out the PS4 Beta. With this tun­ing update, it will still take two hits to elim­i­nate an ene­my with­in a short range, just not quite as far out.


  • Agency Sup­pres­sor
    • Reduced some recoil bonus­es.
      • This attach­ment came with too many strengths with­out enough trade­offs dur­ing the PS4 Beta, par­tic­u­lar­ly with how much it reduced recoil. This update reduces some of those bonus­es while still mak­ing them notably ben­e­fi­cial.

Field Upgrades

  • Field Mic
    • Reduced the range at the Field Mic can detect play­ers who are crouch­ing, ADS walk­ing, or mov­ing but not sprint­ing.
      • Dur­ing the PS4 Beta, this Field Upgrade did not incen­tivize counter-play as much as we were plan­ning for. The Field Mic will now be less effec­tive at detect­ing foot­step noise from play­ers who move more slow­ly.


  • Frag Grenade
    • Reduced the dam­age on the out­er half of the Frag Grenade’s splash dam­age radius.
      • While we expect Frag Grenade usage to drop sig­nif­i­cant­ly in the Cross­play Open Beta as more Wild­card and lethal options open up, we also agree with the feed­back that frags result­ed in kills a lit­tle too often.

Known PC Issues and Workarounds

  • Mouse Wheel Input Delay defaults at 0, which is low­er than intend­ed.
    • Workaround: The play­er canad­just the val­ue for the mouse wheel delay input in Set­tings. Rec­om­mend­ed default val­ue is 80.
  • When many audio devices are avail­able, it is not pos­si­ble to view or select the last one from the drop-down list.
    • Workaround: These audio devices can be select­ed using the key­board.
  • Some play­ers on AMD GPUs may expe­ri­ence fre­quent pack­et burst spikes dur­ing game­play. 
    • Workaround: Low­er­ing the Graph­ics Set­tings can alle­vi­ate the sever­i­ty of this issue.

Source: Tre­yarch