The Bethesda BE3 Round Up.

Bethes­da’s E3 show­case was very impres­sive, A new Fall­out and Sev­er­al Elder Scrolls titles were announced. Here is a round up of every­thing that happened.

Wolfenstein Youngbloods & CyberPilot

Young­bloods adds a new chap­ter to Wolfen­stein, Focus­ing on Ter­ror Bil­ly’s twin daugh­ters in the 1980s as they fight the nazis. Young­bloods can be played solo or co-op and is com­ing in 2019.

Wolfen­stein Cyber­pi­lot is a stand­alone VR game where you hack nazi robots and use them to kill more nazis. It takes places in 1980s Paris.


Bethes­da announced their first new IP in 25 years: Starfield. No oth­er game details were giv­en oth­er than the trail­er post­ed above.

Rage 2

Rage 2 is “most insane open-world shoot­er you’ve ever played,”. The trail­er is full of action and plen­ty of kick­ass moments. “If you can see it you can dri­ve it” is Bethes­da’s mot­to and the vehic­u­lar com­bat looks like a blast.

Quake Champions

Quake Cham­pi­ons is still in ear­ly access if you down­load it between now and June 18th, its yours free forever.

Prey DLC

Prey gets a free update that add three new modes: Sto­ry, Sur­vival, and New Game+

Sto­ry Mode, for those look­ing to casu­al­ly expe­ri­ence the game’s immer­sive nar­ra­tive; Sur­vival Mode, which will put your vet­er­an cos­mo­naut to the test with hard­core haz­ards like oxy­gen lev­els and bleed­ing; and New Game+, which gives all play­ers a whole new rea­son to return to Prey after they com­plete the game.”

New sto­ry DLC was also announced, Moon­crash. In Moon­crash you play as a hack­er named Peter who is sent to inves­ti­gate a secret Moon­base that stops trans­mit­ting. Moon­crash is avail­able now for $20 and the update is avail­able now free to all play­ers who own a copy of Prey.

Fallout 76

Fall­out 76 is Bethes­da’s “Soft-core”, online, shared world Fall­out game com­ing Novem­ber 14th with a beta com­ing at an unan­nounced time before release. You can read more about Fall­out 76 here.

Fallout Shelter Comes To PS4

Bethes­da’s super pop­u­lar, free mobile game Fall­out Shel­ter is avail­able on the Playsta­tion 4 free now.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eter­nal was announced, no game play was shown and infor­ma­tion was very scarce but they did say Doom Eter­nal has dou­ble the mon­sters of its pre­de­ces­sor and takes place on earth. More Doom Info will be giv­en at the next QuakeCon.

The Elder Scrolls Info Dump

The Bethesda BE3 Round Up.

 Elder Scrolls Leg­ends is com­ing to con­soles and you will be able to trans­fer your progress from PC or Mobile using your account.

The Elder Scrolls goes mobile and has cross plat­form play with The Elder Scrolls: Blades

Blades is a first per­son RPG with con­sole qual­i­ty graph­ics that can be played on sev­er­al devices. Read the entire Elder Scrolls info dump here.

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