A new sec­ondary weapon has made its way to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War­zone. The AMP63–which was pre­vi­ous­ly leaked–is now avail­able to unlock in tra­di­tion­al mul­ti­play­er or in War­zone match­es. A pre­vi­ous, yet brief, glitch was mak­ing the AMP63 avail­able to some play­ers as the chal­lenge to unlock the weapon was show­ing up in both War­zone and Black Ops Cold War. 

The AMP63 can be unlocked by using a pis­tol to get five kills in 20 dif­fer­ent match­es. This is rather easy chal­lenge to com­plete, and can be done in either Black Ops Cold War or War­zone, but will like­ly be eas­i­est in reg­u­lar multiplayer.

The AMP63 Pistol Is Available In Black Ops And Warzone; Double XP Event This Weekend

If you don’t want to com­plete the chal­lenge, the Gam­ma Ray DLC bun­dle can be pur­chased through the store. This bun­dle is priced at 1,000 COD points ($10), and it comes with a weapon blue­print, three small cos­met­ics, and two tier skips for the bat­tle pass.

It’s weapon out­put is described as hav­ing “high amounts of dam­age in a short peri­od of time thanks to its full-auto nature, which makes it high­ly effec­tive in close quar­ters.” The AMP63 is the fourth pis­tol for Black Ops Cold War, but it’s more of a hybrid sub­ma­chine gun.

A dou­ble XP week­end is also on the way. It will be active in both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and War­zone from June 4th to June 7th. You can check out the lat­est patch notes on Black Ops Cold War, here and the lat­est War­zone patch notes, here.