Ozark, a pop­u­lar mod menu for Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Online that allows users to make mod­i­fi­ca­tions to both sin­gle-play­er and mul­ti­play­er modes, is final­ly being shut down by Take-Two.

The mode, which costs $25 on var­i­ous mod reselling sites, lets play­ers manip­u­late the game in many ways. This includes spawn­ing in mon­ey, allow­ing play­ers to tele­port, and more. The mod­’s cre­ator, D3skstool, got a legal notice from Take-Two, caus­ing them immideati­ly shut down the mod, caus­ing Twitch stream­er North­ern­Law to take notice (via Eurogamer)

Despite some of the things writ­ten in the let­ter I received, Ozark was a great com­mu­ni­ty, and I thank you all for being a part of it,” D3skstool writes.

As of this writ­ing, the mod can still be pur­chased on var­i­ous mod reselling sites, but has been removed from oth­ers. The mod­’s cre­ator asked users to “not take this out on any reseller” they pur­chased the mod from. Hacks and mods are out of con­trol in the PC ver­sion of GTA Online, and it seems Take-Two is look­ing to take action.

It’s not the first time mods have been tar­get­ed by the com­pa­ny. Though few play­ers would com­plain about the com­pa­ny tak­ing aim at mods for mul­ti­play­er of GTA Online and Red Dead Online, Take-Two is also look­ing to take down sin­gle-play­er mods.

Recent­ly, a group of cre­ators who had been work­ing on a 14-year-old GTA Unit­ed mod ceased devel­op­ment and took oth­er mods offline out of fear of legal action from Take-Two. In recent months the com­pa­ny has been dish­ing out a num­ber of DMCA-take­down notices to oth­er GTA-relat­ed mod projects like GTA: Under­ground and HD tex­ture packs for GTA: Vice City.

The take­downs of sin­gle-play­er mods for decade-old games has left some spec­u­lat­ing if an offi­cial remas­ter of old­er games like Vice City and San Andreas may actu­al­ly be in the works. How­ev­er, no remas­ters have been con­firmed by Take-Two or devel­op­er Rock­star Games.