Switch Version of Street Fighter 2 is Out Now: Check it Out

Nin­ten­do announced today that Ultra Street Fight­er ΙΙ: The Final Chal­lengers, is com­ing to Nin­ten­do Switch. If you have been look­ing to play an old school fight­ing game on the Switch, this is your chance. 

There have been some changes from the clas­sic ver­sion of this game, but it looks to be for the bet­ter. All of the orig­i­nal char­ac­ters and boss­es are there, but there are two new ros­ter addi­tions: Evil Ryu and Vio­lent Ken. Nin­ten­do also added new­ly updat­ed graph­ics, new modes, and even the abil­i­ty to change your char­ac­ter’s cos­tume col­or. Nin­ten­do is also giv­ing you the option to choose whether you want the mod­ern graph­ics, or the retro-pix­el art from back in the day.

One of the new modes is called “Way of the Kado” and is a first-per­son sin­gle play­er expe­ri­ence. You goal is to defeat the Shadaloo army using spe­cial moves, that uses the motion con­trols (Joy-Con) of the Switch. There is also a co-op mode where you can team up with a friend and take on a CPU oppo­nent. You can take your bat­tles online. Duke it out with a friend in a local mul­ti­play­er or take the fight to online Ranked or Casu­al matches.

As an added bonus, there are 1,500 illus­tra­tions in a 250+ page dig­i­tal art book from the last 30 years of Street Fighter. 

Below you can see a video post­ed on Nin­ten­do’s Twit­ter show­ing off a lit­tle bit of Ultra Street Fight­er ΙΙ: The Final Challengers:

Source: Nin­ten­do

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