In just a few days, Sub­ter­rain, an open world sur­vival game is drop­ping for the PS4. Its cre­ator, Sae­hoon Lee, gave every­one the run­down on this top-down arcade style game.

Appar­ent­ly, you play as the only sur­vivor on a Mar­t­ian colony, where your only goal is to — you guessed it- escape. The game takes place on Mars (obvi­ous­ly) and you play as a man named Dr. West. It is a sur­vival game and West needs to eat, drink, sleep, breathe oxy­gen, and even use the bath­room. All those love­ly human neces­si­ties that make sur­vival games tough.

Survival Game "Subterrain" Comes to PS4 January 24th
Dr. West sleeping.

Time is run­ning out, as the sta­tion you are in is run­ning out of time, for there is an infec­tion that is spread­ing. The entire time you are try­ing to sim­ply sur­vive, you are being relent­less­ly hunt­ed by the alien colony, which you need to defend against. Accord­ing to Lee, “The world around you is con­stant­ly evolv­ing with increas­ing threats.” As it is a sur­vival game you can craft items, research, and scav­enge. Your main goal, as men­tioned before, is to escape the hell you are in. Bad deci­sions will end with the colony swarm­ing you, so try not to mess up.

At launch, Sub­ter­rain will be dis­count­ed by 20%. It will be released on PS4 on Jan­u­ary 24th. Below is a short trailer: