Sucker Punch Announces Ghost Of Tsushima

Long time Playsta­tion gamers have prob­a­bly played or at least heard of Suck­er Punch’s pre­vi­ous games. Infa­mous, Infa­mous 2, Infa­mous First Light and Infa­mous Sec­ond Son have each been giv­en away for free by Sony over the years. We haven’t herd any­thing from Suck­er Punch since the release of Infa­mous Sec­ond Son on the PS4. Suck­er Punch has announced they are work­ing on a new IP titled Ghost of Tsushi­ma and its com­ing to PS4 in 2018.

Its been eight years since we have seen a new IP from Suck­er Punch, they haven’t been wait­ing idly. Today they announced Ghost of Tsushi­ma. Not much is known about the game right now, it looks like it takes place in Japan dur­ing the Mon­gol inva­sions and it is a an open word adventure.

Ghost of Tsushi­ma looks like you play as a lone Samu­rai, and looks great. Check out the trail­er below.

I have enjoyed play­ing through the entire Infa­mous series and look for­ward to find­ing out more and even­tu­al­ly try­ing Ghost of Tsushima



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