Stranger Of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Demo Extended

The new Final Fan­ta­sy spin-off devel­oped by Team Nin­ja, Stranger of Par­adise: Final Fan­ta­sy Ori­gin, is the lim­it­ed-time PlaySta­tion 5 demo extend­ed by two addi­tion­al days.

The demo will now be avail­able to down­load and play until June 26th. The news comes after the Stranger of Par­adise demo was com­plete­ly unplayable when it first launched fol­low­ing the game’s offi­cial reveal dur­ing Square Enix’s E3 2021 pre­sen­ta­tion. Play­ers look­ing to try the game after the unveil were treat­ed with error mes­sages stat­ing the game data was cor­rupt­ed, and that it need­ed to be delet­ed and re-downloaded.

Square Enix was upfront about want­i­ng feed­back from fans who have played the demo. Stranger of Par­adise cre­ative pro­duc­er Tet­suya Nomu­ra told fans, “if you have the set­up to play it, we would real­ly appre­ci­ate it if you could give it a go and let us know any feed­back that you might have.”

In the same trans­lat­ed inter­view with Famit­su (which held the extend­ed demo infor­ma­tion), Nomu­ra clar­i­fied that Stranger of Par­adise was not a pre­quel or sequel to the orig­i­nal Final Fan­ta­sy. How­ev­er, the two games do share the same set­ting. Stranger of Par­adise direc­tor Daisuke Inoue gave more details about what the title is refer­ring to. 

Strangers of Par­adise means exact­ly what it says that these strangers are in the land of Par­adise,” Inoue says. “At the same time, it could mean ‘peo­ple who shouldn’t be in Paradise’–I think it is a title that rep­re­sents the sto­ry of the game perfectly.”

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