Steam Greenlight Now Closed And Valve Approves Many Of The 3,400 Games On Hold

Steam Green­light has offi­cial­ly been closed and replaced by Steam Direct. Although sub­mis­sions to Steam Green­light were stopped a week ago there remained over 3,400 titles on hold. 

Valve has now approved many of the games that were on hold. The only titles that weren’t approved are title that either had insuf­fi­cient vot­er data or had con­cern report­ed by vot­er. Exact num­bers are still unknown, but valve stat­ed the following 

We’ve greenlit many of the remaining 3,400 titles that were remaining in Greenlight. There are a number of titles that we could not Greenlight, due to insufficient voter data or concerns about the game reported by voters.”

What­ev­er games that do not make it through can reap­ply through Steam Direct. This new pro­gram will have an ini­tial $100 fee for all games which will be returned once the game makes $1,000 in sales or in-game pur­chas­es. The game will then enter a review peri­od from Valve. 

So we have a couple of brief review periods where our team plays each game to check that it is configured correctly, matches the description provided on the store page, and doesn’t contain malicious content. These processes shouldn’t take more than a day or two unless we find something configured incorrectly or problematic.”

This new process sets out to address many con­sumers con­cerns about bro­ken and unplayable games that plagued Steam Green­light. Although con­sumers were a focus, Valve also set out to cre­ate “a more trans­par­ent and pre­dictable path for new game developers”.

Full details on the process and Steam Direct can be found here

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