Steam Deck’s Dynamic Cloud Feature Allows Quick Switching Between Platforms

Steam Deck is get­ting a new fea­ture called Steam Dynam­ic Cloud, and it makes it eas­i­er to tran­si­tion between play­ing on the hand­held to PC. With Steam Dynam­ic Cloud enabled, play­ers don’t need to save and close the game on the hand­held in order to open it on anoth­er client. Instead, even when play­ers don’t exit the game, they can reopen the same title–with the most recent save–on their PC.

It’s just an extreme­ly con­ve­nient way of switch­ing between plat­forms with­out hav­ing to think about exits and saves. This fea­ture won’t be auto­mat­i­cal­ly enabled for every game, as devel­op­ers will have to imple­ment this into their games for play­ers to take advan­tage of it.

If devel­op­ers don’t inte­grate Dynam­ic Cloud, Valve will still track play­er’ save game data with­in the cloud. How­ev­er, the play­er will be prompt­ed to save and exit their sus­pend­ed game on the Steam Deck before being able to play the same title on PC.

The Steam Deck is set to launch in Feb­ru­ary, after a two month delay from its orig­i­nal Decem­ber 2021 release date.

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