Steam Deck Could Eventually Come In Several Colors

The Steam Deck will obvi­ous­ly bring com­par­isons to the Nin­ten­do Switch, and peo­ple have done in-depth, side-by-side break­downs of their per­for­mance, screen, weight and more. The one big dif­fer­ence right now is the vari­ety of col­or the Switch can have through it’s dif­fer­ent Joy-Cons, while the Steam Deck will just be black at launch. How­ev­er, Valve has stat­ed there could be a pos­si­bil­i­ty of releas­ing dif­fer­ent col­or­ways for its handheld.

Accord­ing to an inter­view with PC Gamer, Valve delib­er­at­ed for a while about how to col­or the Steam Deck. While its mat­te-black shell might seem an extreme­ly com­mon choice, it was­n’t an easy deci­sion. But it seems Valve is inter­est­ed in explor­ing the idea of mul­ti­ple col­or options, espe­cial­ly if its com­mer­cial launch is a success.

[There was a lot of] gen­uine­ly fun explo­ration around that stuff,” prod­uct design­er Greg Coomer said. “Even dis­cus­sions like, ‘well, can we have lots of col­ors?’ We had all those dis­cus­sions. We are con­tin­u­ing to have those now.”

The sin­gle-col­or choice had more to do with sup­ply-chain issues than any aes­thet­ic rea­son. “It’s essen­tial­ly like a logis­tics thing,” Coomer stat­ed. “Hav­ing a lot of SKUs in the mar­ket is just a lot more com­pli­cat­ed. There isn’t real­ly a bet­ter rea­son than that for right now.”

The Steam Deck is set to release lat­er this year, and it will come in three dif­fer­ent stor­age options, all with vary­ing price points. 

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