Valve’s Steam Deck is focused on the idea of your per­son­al PC library com­ing with you, but there is one small issue: Some games on Steam won’t be playable.

Accord­ing to Pro­tonDB via PC Gamer, half of Steam’s top games won’t be playable on Steam Deck. Des­tiny 2, Apex Leg­ends, PUBG, and Rain­bow Six Siege won’t be com­pat­i­ble with the pre­in­stalled SteamOS because of the anti-cheat soft­ware not acti­vat­ing on the Lin­ux-based oper­at­ing soft­ware. This leaves the play­er locked out of the mul­ti­play­er servers.

Valve did say that it is cur­rent­ly “improv­ing Pro­ton’s game com­pat­i­bil­i­ty and sup­port for anti-cheat solu­tions by work­ing direct­ly with the ven­dors.” Obvi­ous­ly, a more dras­tic change would involve remov­ing SteamOS from the device, and install Win­dows. Steam Deck is entire­ly capa­ble of doing so, and Valve has made it clear that it’s up to the user.

If this list of incom­pat­i­ble games does­n’t affect you–and you’re still look­ing to get your hands on a Steam Deck–the pre­orders are open right now on Steam’s web­site.