Steam Broke Most Concurrent Users Record Again, With Nearly 28 Million Players Online

While it has­n’t even been a full week into 2022 yet, Steam is ready to crush this new year. Less than two months after the plat­form broke its pre­vi­ous record of con­cur­rent users back in Novem­ber, Steam has again reached an all-time high num­ber of active users. The num­ber fell just short of 28 mil­lion peo­ple on Jan­u­ary 2nd. Of these 27.9 mil­lion peo­ple that logged on, just over 8.2 mil­lion users were active­ly play­ing a game (accord­ing to SteamDB).

The most played games among the list when the record was set, includes Valve’s own free-to-play shoot­er, Counter-Strike: Glob­al Offen­sive, which land­ed the top spot. CS:GO man­aged to max out at a whop­ping 867,000 play­ers online. Dota 2, anoth­er Valve title, is right behind CS:GO, with 761,000 play­ers online. Apex Leg­ends, PUBG, and Grand Theft Auto V also made their way into the most-played games list. 

This news came amid Steam’s annu­al win­ter sale, which is now over, but went on for sev­er­al weeks. This could explain the influx of play­ers to cer­tain games, like The Witch­er 3: Wild Hunt, It takes Two, and sev­er­al oth­er titles that were on sale. It like­ly also helped that it was the start of a new year, when a lot of peo­ple have more time to spend on gaming.

Of course, it’s also worth not­ing that Final Fan­ta­sy XIV also ranked quite high on Steam’s most played game list, even with Square Enix sus­pend­ing sales to keep the game’s servers from being so congested. 

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