Stealth Game “Serial Cleaner” Coming to PS4

Ser­i­al Clean­er from the devel­op­ers at iFun4all is final­ly com­ing to PS4, though no launch time was giv­en on the PlaySta­tion blog.

If you have nev­er seen Ser­i­al Clean­er it has been on Steam for some time and has a 70’s retro style look, with top down game play. As a “pro­fes­sion­al clean­er” your job is sim­ple — clean up the mess­es the mob leaves behind — bod­ies, weapons, and blood. You are avoid­ing the police while try­ing to clean and if you get caught you will be arrest­ed, with black marks on your career. The team said:

In essence, the idea of Ser­i­al Clean­er came from dynam­ic, lose-fast/re­load-fast games that demand that you retry a lev­el sev­er­al times to learn how ene­mies react, and fig­ure out which zones of the map are safest. Each time you are caught, the lev­el restarts, but ele­ments of it will get ran­dom­ized, ensur­ing that you can’t rely on just mus­cle mem­o­ry to get through a stage!”

Stealth Game "Serial Cleaner" Coming to PS4

There are sto­ry-cam­paign mis­sions, where you learn new tricks and escape new ene­my types as you progress through the sto­ry. The game also changes as it mod­i­fies your expe­ri­ence based on real-world data. After sto­ry mode, you can check out the many Chal­lenge Modes to see if you can beat your friends score while play­ing under a dif­fer­ent set of rules. 


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