State of Decay 2 Reveals Collector’s Edition

Microsoft announced today that State of Decay 2, an Xbox One Exclu­sive, now has a few edi­tions play­ers can pur­chase. You can either buy the Stan­dard Edi­tion, the Ulti­mate Edi­tion, or the Col­lec­tor’s Edition. 

State of Decay 2’s Stan­dard Edi­tion only costs $29.99, but only gives you the game. There’s an Ulti­mate Edi­tion which does give you the game, and two DLC packs, Prep­per’s Pack and an Add-on Pack Bun­dle. It also includes State of Decay: Year One Sur­vival Edi­tion (which a code will be sent to you Xbox One after your pre-order pur­chase goes through). 

Both the Stan­dard Edi­tion and Ulti­mate Edi­tion allow pre-order pur­chasers to get access to State of Decay 2 four days ear­ly, on May 18th, 2018.

The Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion is odd, because it does­n’t include a copy of State of Decay 2. How­ev­er, it does exclu­sive Steel­Book case, zom­bie mask, and “thumb-dri­ve,” this col­lectible edi­tion also includes a State of Decay 2 patch and a human brain Steel­Book stand. You can see every­thing that will be includ­ed in this edi­tion below:

State of Decay 2 Reveals Collector's Edition

The Ulti­mate Edi­tion costs $49.99, which you can pre-order, here. The Col­lec­tor’s Edi­tion costs $69.99 with­out the game, pur­chase the game with it and your look­ing at over $100. You can buy this Edi­tion at your local retail­er. Xbox One Game Pass own­ers can also get ear­ly access to State of Decay 2. 

Source: Xbox

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