The PlaySta­tion 5 and Xbox Series X|S will get a new ver­sion of Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order this sum­mer, with unspec­i­fied “tech­ni­cal improve­ments.” This is accord­ing to the announce­ment on the Star Wars web­site.

Play­ers who cur­rent­ly own the last-gen ver­sion of Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order can get an upgrade for free. More details about the next-gen edi­tion of the game will be com­ing “soon.”

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S ver­sions of Fall­en Order was pre­vi­ous­ly spot­ted on a rat­ings board web­site, sug­gest­ing an announce­ment would arrive eventually. 

Jedi: Fall­en Order has already been updat­ed to take advan­tage of the next-gen con­sole’s pow­er, with a free update that added a frame rate boost and dynam­ic resolution–alongside oth­er improve­ments. It can be assumed that the next-gen edi­tions will have expand­ed improve­ments, but noth­ing offi­cial has been announced.