Star Wars Battlefront II’s Newest Update is Out Now

EA have final­ly released a new mode for Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ today, and it involves hunt­ing fur­ry, lit­tle, Ewoks. This new mode was not the only addi­tion in today’s Night on Endor update, play­ers can now pur­chase Crys­tals again, after a major over­haul of the game’s micro­trans­ac­tion system. 

Ewok Hunt  

This is a lim­it­ed-time mode, but no date was giv­en as to when the event will end. This whole game mode is played in the dark. If you start the match on the Ewok side, the Stormtroop­ers are your tar­get. You must elim­i­nate all the Stormtroop­ers in order to win. Your arse­nal includes spears, Wisties, and what­ev­er abil­i­ties they have, in order to defeat the intrud­ing forces. Each Stormtroop­er defeat­ed spawns anoth­er Ewok.

Star Wars Battlefront II's Newest Update is Out Now

The Stormtroop­ers have an obvi­ous advan­tage, with supe­ri­or train­ing and fire­pow­er. Along with the weapons, Stormtroop­ers also have flash­lights to assist with the dark­ness. You must hold back the Ewok ambush if you are to sur­vive until an extrac­tion can be made. 

Star Wars Battlefront II's Newest Update is Out Now

Return of Crystals

Play­ers can now pur­chase Crys­tals again, but will not be allowed to spend them on box­es. This micro­trans­ac­tion cur­ren­cy are now only used for Appear­ances. Play­ers can also earn in-game Cred­its to pur­chase Appear­ances, so no one will be left out. Also, EA added 50 new Appear­ances in this update, includ­ing Endor Han and Endor Leia. 

If you wish to see more about the Night of Endor Update, you can check it out, here.

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