Star Wars Battlefront II Getting a Revamped Progression System Soon

EA had prob­lems with Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ right from the start. Play­ers com­plained about the hor­ri­ble amount of Cred­its need­ed to get char­ac­ters so you could progress and of course the over­whelm­ing loot crates that gave to much pow­er to the play­ers that bought them. 

How­ev­er, today EA announced major changes com­ing to the titles pro­gres­sion sys­tem, as well as sev­er­al oth­er adjust­ments. This update is set to be released on March 21st. EA stat­ed that since launch, their team was “hard at work mak­ing changes based on your feed­back to cre­ate a bet­ter game for all our players.” 

The pro­gres­sion sys­tem is now lin­ear, so Star Cards or any oth­er item that impacts game­play, can only be earned through play­ing and can no longer be pur­chased. Instead, you’ll earn expe­ri­ence points for class­es hero char­ac­ters, and ships you use dur­ing mul­ti­play­er. Upon earn­ing enough points to lev­el a unit, you’ll get a Skill Point which can be used to unlock or upgrade the eli­gi­ble Star Card you’d like to equip. 

EA was very clear that every­thing you’ve worked towards to unlock, you’ll be able to keep. This update is not tak­ing away any Star Cards, heroes, weapons, etc. 

Loot crates are no longer avail­able for pur­chase. That’s right. You can only earn loot crates by log­ging in dai­ly, com­plet­ing Mile­stones and through timed chal­lenges. Crates will now con­tain Cred­its or cos­met­ic items, as there will be no Star Cards (or any­thing that impacts game­play) inside them after this update.

In April, you’ll be able to get appear­ances direct­ly through in-game Cred­its or Crys­tals. The first new appear­ances are com­ing soon, so you can grab new looks for heroes and troop­ers by using in-game Cred­its or Crys­tals (avail­able to pur­chase in-game and through first-par­ty stores). 

EA end­ed their announce­ment say­ing they will also be bring­ing new modes to Star Wars Bat­tle­front ΙΙ in the com­ing months. Bal­ance patch­es are also in the works, so expect those in the com­ing weeks/months.

Source: EA


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