Star Wars Battlefront 3 Won’t Be Developed, Says Report

EA announced three new Star Wars games today, but the Bat­tle­front series appar­ent­ly did not make the cut. Accord­ing to a Ven­ture­Beat report, DICE has no plans to make a third entry to the series to right now.

The report said DICE aim­ing their sup­port back towards the Bat­tle­field series in the future, with the devel­op­ment on EA’s Stars Wars games being han­dled by Respawn. A third Bat­tle­front title from DICE was nev­er real­ly in the cards, Grubb said on Twit­ter.

EA has ambi­tious plans to grow the Bat­tle­field series, so it would make sense that EA would have DICE focus on the fran­chise mov­ing for­ward. Pre­vi­ous­ly it was report­ed that Bat­tle­front 3 would be hap­pen­ing any­way due to licens­ing costs, so it’s not com­plete­ly surprising.

Ven­ture­Beat­’s report men­tions the licens­ing costs as well, say­ing EA is mit­i­gat­ing some of its risk by putting DICE on oth­er projects. EA has always paid Dis­ney a license fee for its Star Wars games, and this will con­tin­ue for Respawn’s next three games. The terms for this arrange­ment have nev­er been disclosed.

DICE’s Bat­tle­front and Bat­tle­front II com­bined sold more than 33 mil­lion copies, and the sequel still has a rel­a­tive­ly active player­base. Of course, many will like­ly recall when Bat­tle­front II’s launch was stained by the con­tro­ver­sy over its loot box­es, which DICE quick­ly removed. 

In oth­er news, Respawn will be over­see­ing the devel­op­ment of three new Star Wars titles. These include a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fall­en Order, a new FPS, and a strat­e­gy game from an out­side stu­dio. EA no longer sole­ly pub­lish­es Star Wars games for con­sole and PC.

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