If you’re a fan of the Final Fan­ta­sy series, then you might be excit­ed to know that Square Enix has reg­is­tered trade­marks for the fran­chise. It was­n’t just one how­ev­er, but a total of three dif­fer­ent trademarks.

Accord­ing to Gemat­su, the com­pa­ny filed these trade­marks in Decem­ber, includ­ing “Ever Cri­sis”, “The First Sol­dier” and the Shin­ra Elec­tric Pow­er Com­pa­ny Logo. All three were made pub­lic on Jan­u­ary 12th, although the fil­ings don’t include any descrip­tions. So it isn’t exact­ly clear what Square Enix plans to do with them. This is a com­mon prac­tice for com­pa­nies, where they file trade­marks they may nev­er use.

How­ev­er, all three have a con­nec­tion to the Final Fan­ta­sy series, in par­tic­u­lar, Final Fan­ta­sy VII. “Ever Cri­sis” is like­ly to ref­er­ence to Square Enix’s two Cri­sis games, the mobile game Before Cri­sis: Final Fan­ta­sy VII and the 2007 PSP title, Cri­sis Core: Final Fan­ta­sy VII. “The First Sol­dier” could be refer­ring to the 1st Class Sol­dier and main vil­lain in FFVII, Sephiroth.

The last trade­mark, of course, is the con­trol­ling mega­cor­po­ra­tion, the Shin­ra Elec­tric Pow­er Company.

While these trade­marks could be used for any­thing, it’s look­ing more like Square Enix has some Final Fan­ta­sy con­tent planned. We know Final Fan­ta­sy VII is sup­posed to release in three parts, with the sec­ond hav­ing already entered full devel­op­ment. There’s no release date for Final Fan­ta­sy VII Remake Part 2. It was report­ed that a pos­si­ble two-year gap between each installment.