Spyro Trilogy Remaster Might Be Coming to PS4 This Year

If you have been wait­ing for a Spy­ro remas­ter, then you may be in luck. Word has spread of a Spy­ro Tril­o­gy Remas­ter, sup­pos­ed­ly set for release some­time this year. Also accord­ing to this new report, the tril­o­gy will ini­tial­ly be a PS4 exclu­sive for a year, then get port­ed to oth­er platforms.

Among the tril­o­gy is the first three titles of the Spy­ro series, includ­ing Spy­ro the Drag­on, Rip­to’s Rage, and Year of the Drag­on, which sources who knew about the project men­tioned when they spoke to Kotaku. The remas­ter is being made over at Activi­sion, and will have qual­i­ty improve­ments like a new save fea­ture, visu­al enhance­ments, a remas­tered sound­track, and even fea­ture new assets. It appears that it will also fea­ture con­tent cut from the orig­i­nal games. 

Vic­ar­i­ous Visions is devel­op­ing the project, the same stu­dio that han­dle the Crash Bandi­coot N. Sane Tril­o­gy. The suc­cess of the Crash Bandi­coot remas­ter could def­i­nite­ly mean good times ahead for the Spy­ro Trilogy. 

Kotaku also stat­ed that it’s release announce­ment would be some­time in March, but won’t actu­al­ly launch until quar­ter 3 of of this year (Q3 runs from July to Sep­tem­ber). If it’s released in Sep­tem­ber, it would make the 20th anniver­sary of the orig­i­nal Spy­ro title, which launched on Sep­tem­ber 9th, 1998. Although it will be a one-year PS4 exclu­sive, it will have PS4 Pro sup­port upon release.

Source: Kotaku

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