Sprint Out Times Adjusted In New Call Of Duty WWII Patch

Sledge­ham­mer Games has released a new patch for Call Of Duty WWII. This patch adjusts sprint out times for weapon types, some­thing that Call Of Duty play­ers have been want­i­ng done since WWII released. Some weapon bal­anc­ing and bug fix­ing is also done in this patch. Check the patch notes out below.

Patch Notes



  • Buffed base ADS times and buffed ADS in from sprint times (ADS sprint out times match ADS from sprint times)


  • Buffed base ADS tran­si­tion times, but not ADS from sprint times/ADS sprint out times, in an effort to main­tain a dif­fer­ence between the SMG and AR class playstyles

Snipers: Kar98k and M1903

  • Nerfed ADS tran­si­tion times (a slight quickscop­ing nerf)


  • Buffed base ADS times

Note: Base ADS times for SMGs are faster than Rifles, and Rifles are faster than LMGs. In oth­er words, there is now more of a dis­tinc­tion between class playstyles.



  • Buffed recoil in an effort to have a more com­pet­i­tive SMG on par with the PPSh-41

FG 42

  • Nerfed fire rate so that the dam­age out­put is more in line with oth­er weapons in its class


  • Buffed recoil in an effort to make it more man­age­able to shoot down range and give a bet­ter con­trast to the M1 Garand
  • Nerfed hip spread to match the M1 Garand’s in an effort to decrease the abil­i­ty to quick­ly kill oppo­nents at clos­er ranges


  • Buffed fire rate in an effort to make it a more com­pet­i­tive choice amongst the oth­er rifles (still slight­ly slow­er than the Gewehr 43)

Gewehr 43

  • Buffed fire rate in an effort to make it a more com­pet­i­tive choice amongst the oth­er rifles (still slight­ly faster than M1A1)
  • Buffed recoil (clos­er to that of M1A1)
  • Buffed clip size to be 12 rounds per clip instead of 10

M30 Luft­waffe Drilling

  • Buffed dam­age per pel­let to be on par with the recent Sawed-Off Shot­gun changes so that this shot­gun now has a more auto­mat­ic 2‑shot kill and a slight­ly more for­giv­ing one-shot kill
  • Buffed shot­gun dam­age range, so that it’s now more fea­si­ble to fin­ish off an oppo­nent who didn’t die from a rifle bullet
  • Buffed ADS spread to allow for greater accu­ra­cy when shoot­ing ene­mies that are out­side of the obvi­ous shot­gun range (while ADS)

Tog­gle Action

  • Buffed clip size to be 8 shots per clip instead of 6 in an effort to allow play­ers to have more suc­cess with this weapon
  • Nerfed ADS spread to be on par with oth­er shot­guns (besides the M30)

This looks like a pret­ty good patch on paper, Time will tell if works out as good in prac­tice as it is on paper.

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