Sony Stops McDonalds Australia From Giving Away Themed PS5 Controllers

Sony’s PS5 con­troller offi­cial­ly has three dif­fer­ent col­or schemes that are cur­rent­ly avail­able, and thank­ful­ly, none of them are themed after McDon­alds. How­ev­er, a DualSense con­troller fea­tur­ing McDon­ald’s col­ors was sup­posed to be a prize in Aus­tralia as part of the com­pa­ny’s first restau­rant opened on the con­ti­nent 50 years ago. It seems the mas­sive fast-food chain did­n’t receive Sony’s per­mis­sion for their promotion.

In a state­ment to Press Start, McDon­ald’s Aus­tralia explained that it planned to give away the McDon­ald’s-themed con­trollers for it’s upcom­ing anniver­sary week event, which was not autho­rized by Sony. Now that their plans have been foiled, fans can instead look for­ward to birth­day hood­ies and chan­nel sub­scrip­tions for Twitch stream­ers to give away.

Sony PlaySta­tion has not autho­rized the use of its con­troller in pro­mo­tion­al mate­ri­als relat­ed to the pro­posed Stream Week event and we apolo­gies for any incon­ve­nience caused,” McDon­ald’s Aus­tralia said. “McDon­ald’s stream week has been post­poned and Sony PlaySta­tion con­trollers will not be includ­ed in the giveaway.”

Sony Stops McDonalds Australia From Giving Away Themed PS5 Controllers

To say this con­troller design is unique is an under­state­ment. If it was­n’t for the McDon­ald’s logo plas­tered on con­troller, it would be an O.K. look.

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