Sony Removes Ad Showing Upside-Down PS5

A new Sony adver­tise­ment for the PlaySta­tion 5 hilar­i­ous­ly showed the con­sole placed upside-down. The visu­al odd­i­ty was seen only for a moment with­in the ad, but it’s obvi­ous the unique design of the PS5 caused some con­fu­sion for the adver­tis­ers. Unfor­tu­nate­ly, the tweet that includ­ed the mis­take was removed after sev­er­al peo­ple on point­ed out the blunder.

Sony shared the ad on its Twit­ter account, and the moment in ques­tion comes at the end of a heart­warm­ing ad between a father and son. A lit­tle boy asks his dad to tell him a sto­ry, and the father does so by retelling the glo­ri­ous tale of the 2018 God of War. Then the father sits down to play the game, and… bam! Upside-down PS5

It’s quite notice­able since the disc slot is vis­i­ble on the top half of the con­sole on the right side. Accord­ing to Sony’s own man­u­al, when you ori­ent a PS5 cor­rect­ly, the disc slot should be on the bot­tom left. The image at the top is how it how you set it up properly.

Either way, Sony designed a con­sole that looks like futur­is­tic sky­scraper and if you were not a gamer, it would be hard to dis­cern how to set it up. 

I am a Platinum lover and an ex- Cod-aholic. I've been playing games since I was 5 years old and I refuse to quit, despite my mother's attempts to get me to. God of War and its successors are my all time favorite games.

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