Sony pub­lished a behind-the-scenes inter­view on the PlaySta­tion Blog with the SVP of Plat­form Expe­ri­ence, Hidea­ki Nishi­no, where he dis­cuss­es the new major updates–including the M.2 stor­age expan­sion and 3D audio through tv speak­ers. He also acknowl­edged that “there’s a lot” of oth­er future updates that play­ers are ask­ing for.

When I look back at the list of things we need to do, there’s a lot. There’s a lot the com­mu­ni­ty is ask­ing for as well. I want to say in the Japan­ese way, I’m dili­gent­ly work­ing on these lists and there will be more com­ing out in the future.” Hidea­ki Nishi­no com­ment­ed in the blog post.

Nishi­no added the team had a wish­list of updates they want­ed to bring to the PS5 before its launch, and that they are also mon­i­tor­ing the feed­back from the community.

We learned a lot through PS4 and con­tin­ue to learn about how play­ers are using the sys­tem and how games are behav­ing. We know what is most accept­ed and most pop­u­lar; what fea­tures are not used. So, we had a gigan­tic list of things before the PS5 launch that we want­ed to do. Actu­al­ly, we dreamed of doing every­thing,” Nishi­no said. “Did I digest the whole list? I don’t think so, yet. But, there are inter­est­ing, excit­ing, fan­tas­tic ideas on the list. At the same time, we launched the PS5. So, we are receiv­ing a bunch of feed­back from the com­mu­ni­ty through social net­works or sys­tem teleme­try, as well as the media, my fam­i­ly, my friends.”

Nishi­no did not clar­i­fy what the team is cur­rent­ly work­ing on next, but reit­er­at­ed through­out the inter­view that Sony wants to add more fea­tures, and the com­pa­ny knows their fans have plen­ty of requests.

These requests include the abil­i­ty to orga­nize fold­ers (which the PS4 already has) and 1440p support.