Sony Expects To Make $300 Million From Releasing On PC This Year

Sony has announced its lat­est sales num­bers for its PC releas­es of for­mer PlaySta­tion exclu­sive con­sole games. This includes Hori­zon Zero Dawn, Days Gone, and God of War. Along with these num­bers, Sony also pre­dict­ed a major uptick in rev­enue from PC releas­es in the next 12 months to $300 mil­lion, which sug­gest the com­pa­ny may announce or release more PC games soon.

Hori­zon Zero Dawn’s PC edi­tion sold about 2.4 mil­lion units, bring­ing in $60 mil­lion in rev­enue. God of War sales reached 971,000 copies, mak­ing $26.2 mil­lion, while Days Gone moved 852,000 copies dri­ving a rev­enue of $22.7 mil­lion, Sony stat­ed. This fig­ures come from through until the end of March 2022.

Sony Expects To Make 0 Million From Releasing On PC This Year

In the future, Sony said it’s expect­ing to see “expo­nen­tial” growth on the PC front. More specif­i­cal­ly, Sony stat­ed it expects to make $300 mil­lion in net sale from PC releas­es for FY22. This began April 1st of this year and runs through March 31st, 2023. Sony is launch­ing Unchart­ed: The Lega­cy of Thieves Col­lec­tion on PC this game, but if Sony is tar­get­ing a $300 mil­lion goal, this like­ly won’t hap­pen from the release of one game. Obvi­ous­ly, this is sug­gest­ing that Sony has plans to release more titles on PC this year–they just haven’t divulged which ones yet.

Back in Octo­ber, Sony cre­at­ed a Playsta­tion PC divi­sion, which seems to be the pub­lish­ing label for games on PC

A recent Steam data­base leak revealed that Sack­boy: A Big Adven­ture is poten­tial­ly com­ing to PC, while even more recent­ly, a PC port for Retur­nal made an appear­ance on SteamDB. This all occurred after Sony acquired Nixxes, a stu­dio that spe­cial­izes ins PC ports, obvi­ous­ly adding more fuel to spec­u­la­tion flames.

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