It appear Unchart­ed 4 is com­ing to PC, at least accord­ing to a recent­ly pub­lished Sony investor doc­u­ment. This doc­u­ment is avail­able on Sony’s web­site, with the pur­pose of giv­ing investors a view on the state of the PlaySta­tion brand. It high­lights suc­cess­es the PS4 and PS5 have had in the last year.

Since 2020, PlaySta­tion made the deci­sion to change their pol­i­cy sur­round­ing exclu­sives, releas­ing a few for the PC. First to be launch on the plat­form was Death Strand­ing, fol­lowed by Hori­zon: Zero Dawn, last year. Days Gone has also made an rode onto the PC scene just last month. How­ev­er, Unchart­ed is one of PlaySta­tion’s most icon­ic fran­chis­es, with Unchart­ed 4 being one of the high­est sell­ing games on the PS4. While this does make it a good can­di­date to release on PC, this doc­u­ment does­n’t con­firm Unchart­ed 4 will be head­ing there. 

Sony Document Shows Uncharted 4 Coming To PC

The investor doc­u­ment also includ­ed details about the suc­cess of the PlaySta­tion 5. The stan­dard edi­tion of the con­sole is pro­ject­ed to break even by the end of June 2021. It also men­tions that the PS4 remains a big earn­er for PlaySta­tion, with most PSN sales com­ing from the pre­vi­ous con­sole generation.

With E3 2021 right around the cor­ner, more infor­ma­tion about pos­si­ble PC releas­es for PlaySta­tion games will like­ly crop up. No mat­ter, because the next cou­ple of weeks are going to be filled with all sorts of PlaySta­tion relat­ed news.