Today Sony announced via their blog that the upcom­ing Playsta­tion 4 soft­ware update, ver­sion 4.50 has been put in to closed beta to day with a lim­it­ed num­ber of select­ed PS4 own­ers who signed up for the upcom­ing beta.

PS4 4.50 includes many request­ed fea­tures such as USB hard dri­ve sup­port and cus­tom back­ground images. A spe­cial “Boost Mode” for thePS4 is also includ­ed in the update. There are many more fea­tures includ­ed in the beta and more fea­tures upcom­ing the full release. Sony said more infor­ma­tion would be released in the com­ing weeks lead­ing up to the pub­lic release of PS4 4.50.

Here is some of the new fea­tures with screens shots on a launch PS4. (Unfor­tu­nate­ly we do not have access to a PS4 Pro to test the update on.)

External HDD Support

Sony Details Upcoming PS4 4.50 Update

It’s easy to upgrade the HDD that came with your PS4, but if you’re still look­ing for more stor­age space on the con­sole, we’ve got you cov­ered. With this update, you have the option to store con­tent to an exter­nal HDD. Just plug a USB 3.0 HDD into your PS4, and voilà, you now have more space on the console.”

Custom Wallpapers

Sony Details Upcoming PS4 4.50 Update

This update adds the abil­i­ty to set your favorite in-game screen­shot as the back­ground image for PS4’s home screen. Drop-shad­ows on text, and the option to dim the Func­tion Area, will help keep the sys­tem icons and texts on the home screen clear­ly vis­i­ble even if the back­ground image you select­ed is super bright.”

Quick Menu Refresh

Sony Details Upcoming PS4 4.50 Update

This update brings addi­tion­al improve­ments to make it even more acces­si­ble. Now the Quick Menu will cov­er even less of your game­play screen, and you’ll be able to access handy Par­ty fea­tures via Online Friends, like cre­at­ing new par­ties, invit­ing friends, and join­ing par­ties, with­out tran­si­tion­ing to the sep­a­rate Par­ty app. The goal is to keep you in the game — and not stuck in menus.”

Simplified Notification List

Sony Details Upcoming PS4 4.50 Update

Before this update, the Noti­fi­ca­tions app had a vari­ety of tabs on the left-hand side, like Game Alerts, Down­loads, Uploads, and more. We’ve con­densed all of the tabs to a sin­gle sim­pli­fied list, mak­ing it eas­i­er to see all of your noti­fi­ca­tions all at-a-glance.”

Head over to the Playsta­tion Blog for the full list.


This update looks pret­ty sweet. If I encounter any bugs I will be report­ing them to Sony. Did any of you get in to the PS4 4.50 Beta? Let us know below.