Sony pro­vid­ed new sales fig­ures dur­ing their lat­est earn­ings report, which includes all sorts of num­bers for the PlaySta­tion brands. The PlaySta­tion 5 con­sole shipped 2.3 mil­lion units dur­ing the April-June quar­ter. Pre­vi­ous ship­ments put the con­sole at 7.8 mil­lion, so the total at this point is 10.1 mil­lion PS5s sold. Sony also announced infor­ma­tion about their game sales, in par­tic­u­lar, MLB The Show 21. The game ben­e­fit­ed from laun ich­ing on Xbox in addi­tion to PlaySta­tion. Sony also exclaimed that expand­ing PlaySta­tion games to PC has brought success.

Over­all, sales of MLB The Show 21 and Ratch­et & Clank: Rift Apart went above Sony’s expectations.

In July, Sony announced the PS5 had sold 10 mil­lion units to con­sumers, so they pushed every con­sole they made. The PS4 even man­aged to ship anoth­er 500,000 sys­tems dur­ing Sony’s Q1.

Sony has sold 63.6 mil­lion games across the PS4 and PS5 dur­ing the quar­ter which is down sub­stan­tial­ly from 91.4 mil­lion dur­ing the same peri­od last year. Total fist-par­ty sales reached 10.5 mil­lion, com­pared to 18.7 mil­lion dur­ing Q1 FY20.

The com­pa­ny also revealed that 71% of games sold on PS4 and PS5 were dig­i­tal copies, which will make pub­lish­ers hap­py since they make more mon­ey off of dig­i­tal sales.

PlaySta­tion Plus mem­ber­ships also grew to 46.3 mil­lion, which is slight­ly high­er than the 45 mil­lion from the same quar­ter last year. Total month­ly active users fell from 114 to 104 mil­lion from the sam year before.

Sony Announces PS5 Sales Numbers, Admits Putting MLB On Xbox Was A Good Choice

Sony’s Game & Net­work Ser­vices divi­sion, which hous­es the PlaySta­tion busi­ness, saw its total sales increase by a small mar­gin (2%). Oper­at­ing income dropped sub­stan­tial­ly how­ev­er, with the com­pa­ny stat­ing the down­turn was attrib­uted to a decrease in sales of non-first-par­ty titles and DLC, as well as a “dete­ri­o­ra­tion” of oper­at­ing results for hardware. 

A decrease in sales for the PS4 also neg­a­tive­ly impact­ed Sony’s gam­ing divi­sion dur­ing the quar­ter, which should be expect­ed giv­en the con­soles age. Of course, an increase in sell­ing, gen­er­al, and admin­is­tra­tive costs fur­thered the impact on the company. 

Sony Announces PS5 Sales Numbers, Admits Putting MLB On Xbox Was A Good Choice

Last­ly, Sony showed a chart that shows the sell-through fig­ures for a num­ber of first-par­ty PS4 and PS5 games. You can check out that chart below:

Sony Announces PS5 Sales Numbers, Admits Putting MLB On Xbox Was A Good Choice