Small Call Of Duty: Vanguard Patch Reveals Big Buffs To Snipers

Call of Duty: Van­guard’s lat­est update is live right now, and while the patch notes are not exact­ly the longest, they do reveal major changes to the mul­ti­play­er’s sniper rifles.

Accord­ing to tweets from Sledge­ham­mer Games, play­er feed­back prompt­ed the team to con­sid­er bal­anc­ing the sniper class a whole, going on to say it rec­og­nized the weapon class was under­per­form­ing in Van­guard. “Because of this, we want­ed to focus on the strengths and weak­ness­es of each weapon in this class,” Sledge­ham­mer stated.

The Type 99, which Sledge­ham­mer describes as the best choice for quickscop­ing, got a faster ADS time and less sway while walk­ing in the patch. The 3‑Line will have gained more sta­bil­i­ty, with a decrease to flinch when tak­ing fire. The Kar98K, the most ver­sa­tile sniper of bunch, received a decrease to its ADS time.

Aside from the bal­anc­ing adjust­ments, a few bugs were also fixed. This includes the incor­rect XP require­ment val­ues being dis­played in the Career Pro­gres­sion and Lev­el Pro­gres­sion menus. The patch notes also deal with an exploit that would reveal the ene­my team’s bomb loca­tion in Search and Destroy.

You can check out the full patch notes below, as shared by Sledge­ham­mer Games.



  • Search and Destroy
    • Addressed an exploit that would reveal the ene­my team’s bomb location.


  • Type 99 (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time from 498ms to 400ms (-20%).
    • Decreased weapon sway while walk­ing by 80%.
  • 3‑Line Rifle (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased weapon sway while walk­ing by 50%.
    • Decreased flinch inten­si­ty by 50%.
    • Decreased max dam­age range from 40m to 15m (-63%).
  • Kar98k (Sniper Rifle)
    • Decreased ADS time from 595ms to 500ms (-16%).
  • Sniper Rifles and Marks­man Rifles
    • Decreased flinch inten­si­ty by 30%.
      • This change does not apply to the SVT-40, 3‑Line Rifle, or Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle.


  • Shi­raishi Short Bar­rel (Type 99)
    • Decreased ADS time mul­ti­pli­er from ‑10% to ‑5% (-50%).

Bug Fix­es

  • Bar­racks
    • Incor­rect XP require­ment val­ues will no longer be dis­played in the Career Pro­gres­sion menu.
    • Incor­rect Pres­tige and XP val­ues will no longer be dis­played in the Lev­el Pro­gres­sion menu.
  • After Action Report
    • Pres­tige icons are no longer mis­aligned in the Lev­el Up menu.
    • Incor­rect Pres­tige val­ues will no longer be dis­played in the Sum­ma­ry menu.
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