Sledgehammer Games Outlines Changes Heading To Call Of Duty: Vanguard

The new year has start­ed and Sledge­ham­mer Games is final­ly back to work­ing on Call of Duty: Van­guard. They’ve out­lined what play­ers can expect in the next update, which will like­ly be when Sea­son 1 Reloaded is released.

Post­ing to Twit­ter, the stu­dio list­ed some of the adjust­ments they will be mak­ing, start­ing with a tweak to the Panz­er­faust Chal­lenges that will help play­ers fin­ish them. Call of Duty: Van­guard will also get “perk adjust­ments” to help coun­ter­act all the fire dam­age play­ers have been tak­ing. Sledge­ham­mer also plans on bal­anc­ing weapons, specif­i­cal­ly buff­ing sniper rifles and nerf­ing shot­guns (again).

Final­ly, and thank­ful­ly, they are also going to reduce the mor­tar bar­rage’s duration.

Thank you for your patience while we were work­ing behind the scenes,” Sledge­ham­mer said. “You can expect more fre­quent updates now that we’re back, with more to come this week.”

The best-sell­ing titles of 2021 haven’t yet been released, but it’s like­ly that Call of Duty: Van­guard will take that spot for the Unit­ed States, as it has for years. Call of Duty has been the top-sell­er game each year for a decade, except for 2018 when Red Dead Redemp­tion II and Grand Theft Auto V placed first in the charts. 

Call of Duty: Van­guard was the top-sell­ing game in Novem­ber for both the US and the PlaySta­tion Net­work. Hope­ful­ly, they con­tin­ue to work on the game and bring it to a bet­ter state.

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