Skullgirls Mobile Launches May 25th 2017

Lab Zero and Hid­den Vari­able Stu­dios have announced that Skull­girls Mobile will launch May 25th for North Amer­i­ca, South Amer­i­ca, Europe, Aus­tralia, New Zealand, and the Philip­pines. Cana­da and the Nether­lands have already had a soft launch on April 12th. When the game offi­cial­ly launch­es it will be avail­able for both Android and Apple IOS devices.

The devel­op­ers are already work­ing on the next round of con­tent. This includes more char­ac­ters and pro­logue chap­ters that explore the back­sto­ry of char­ac­ters. They also hint at the inclu­sion of oth­er pop­u­lar char­ac­ters, “we hope to intro­duce playable ver­sions of some of the most pop­u­lar char­ac­ters from the Skull­girls uni­verse as well. Who knows what the future will hold?!”

An offi­cial Skull­girls Mobile forum was recent­ly cre­at­ed and will announce any new infor­ma­tion on the game. A gen­er­al FAQ was cre­at­ed when the game was announced last year for those unclear on what exact­ly Skull­girls Mobile is.

Skull­girls is cur­rent­ly avail­able on PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, PS Vita, and PC


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