Skull And Bones May Be Closer To An Actual Release

Ubisoft­’s long-lost-in-devel­ope­ment pirate game Skull And Bones appears to be get­ting clos­er to a release, as its been seen on a rat­ings board, sug­gest­ing the game may actu­al­ly see the light of day after all.

South Kore­a’s Game Rat­ing and Admin­is­tra­tion Com­mit­tee post­ed a rat­ing for Skull and Bones, which was dis­cov­ered by @the_marmolade on Twit­ter (as spot­ted by VGC). The rat­ing did­n’t reveal any­thing new about the game, but it give a good indi­ca­tion the game is on its way to release.

Skull and Bones receiv­ing this rat­ing isn’t too sur­pris­ing, as Ubisoft planned on launch­ing the title some­time with­in the next year. Hav­ing the game approved by rat­ing groups is just part of the process.

Skull and Bones was first announced back in 2017, but it has­n’t exact­ly been the eas­i­est devel­op­ment. Ubisoft Sin­ga­pore is in charge of the project. It’s said it under­went numer­ous changes through­out the course of the game’s cycle, includ­ing a shift to live-ser­vice in 2020.

A lengthy game­play video from a Skull and Bones tech­ni­cal test emerged in April (it’s since been tak­en down) that showed the best look at the pirate game yet. The goal is to become the most infa­mous pirate on the sea. Play­ers can dis­em­bark their ship at a place called Saint-Anne where they can craft new ships and equip­ment, take on con­tracts, col­lect pro­vi­sions, and social­ize with oth­er play­ers. This is accord­ing to the leaked video.

The video also showed that play­ers will have their rep­u­ta­tion tracked through an “infamy” bar that will grow by the num­ber of con­tracts with rewards are com­plet­ed. There will also be penal­ties for those who fail to meet to con­tracts demands. Users can also par­tic­i­pate in world events and plun­der trea­sure chests to gain more infamy. The game­play also showed off char­ac­ter cre­ation and cus­tomiza­tion options, as well as the sys­tems play­ers use to man­age their ship health and crew morale when sail­ing on the open sea.

Ubisoft did react to this leak, say­ing, “keep your eyes on the hori­zon.” This would sug­gest that Ubisoft might be set­ting up an offi­cial announce­ment about the game soon. 

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