Skull And Bones Is Even Closer To An Actual Release With An ESRB Rating Description

Ubisoft­’s long-in-devel­op­ment pirate game Skull And Bones seems to be get­ting clos­er to a launch, with the game being rat­ed for release in mul­ti­ple ter­ri­to­ries, sug­gest­ing the game will soon be released.

South Kore­a’s Game Rat­ing and Admin­is­tra­tion Com­mit­tee post­ed a rat­ing for Skull And Bones, dis­cov­ered back in May of this year. This rat­ing did­n’t reveal any­thing new about the game, but this impli­cat­ed Skull And Bones is mak­ing its way to launch. Now, the ESRB data­base shows a rat­ing for the title as well, along with a descrip­tion about its M rating.

Skull And Bones ESRB Rating Summary

This is a naval-com­bat action game in which play­ers assume the role of a ship­wrecked out­cast on a jour­ney to become a pirate cap­tain. As play­ers take on mis­sions, they can explore set­tle­ments and engage in dra­mat­ic sea bat­tles. From a first-per­son per­spec­tive, play­ers com­mand their crew to shoot can­nons at rivals (e.g., war­ships, mer­chant ships, settlements/forts) in attempts to obtain loot/goods. Ene­my ships can be rammed and board­ed, result­ing in brief cutscenes of crew mem­bers shoot­ing or slash­ing at each oth­er. Com­bat is high­light­ed by gunfire/cannon fire, explo­sions, and blood-splat­ter effects. Some ter­ri­to­ries depict corpses impaled on spikes or hang­ing from noos­es; beach­es may depict corpses and large blood­stains in the after­math of bat­tle. Set­tle­ments occa­sion­al­ly con­tain broth­els and pros­ti­tutes that call out to play­ers when approached (e.g., “Come spend your coin all over me”; “The price of my a*se goes up tomor­row, so buy a piece today!”). Play­ers can also engage in quests to bring pop­pies to opi­um dens, which are depict­ed with patrons lying on couch­es smok­ing pipes. The words “f**k” and “sh*te” appear in the dialogue.”

Skull And Bones get­ting a rat­ing real­ly isn’t too sur­pris­ing, as Ubisoft plans to release the game some­time with­in the next year. Get­ting approval from dif­fer­ent rat­ings groups is just part of every games’ process.

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