Skull And Bones Getting An Insider Testing Program–Officially Confirmed

Ubisoft­’s Skull & Bones was firsts announced back in 2017, and since then has seen sev­er­al delays, as well as reports of the game being ful­ly reboot­ed. Now, a post on the Skull & Bones offi­cial Twit­ter account–the first one since 2020, sees Ubisoft announc­ing an Insid­er Pro­gram to help test the upcom­ing game. It seems the name has also gone through an extreme­ly slight change, with the “and” from the title being replaced with the “&” symbol.

Ubisoft­’s last offi­cial update on the game saw Skull & Bones releas­ing dur­ing the fis­cal year 2022–2023, which includes the time peri­od between April 1st, 2022 and March 31st, 2023. New infor­ma­tion leaked last year that revealed more details about the direc­tion of the game, includ­ing how it will play and more infor­ma­tion on its setting.

It seems Ubisoft is final­ly ready to take a step towards actu­al­ly releas­ing this game, which is promis­ing when con­sid­er­ing its lengthy and mys­te­ri­ous dis­ap­pear­ance from the pub­lic eye.

Ubisoft did say they will be keep­ing the test­ing pool “rel­a­tive­ly small” for now, with the goal being to “ful­ly under­stand the feed­back we receive.” The pub­lish­er is ask­ing for can­di­dates with “a lot of patience and com­mit­ment,” and those select­ed for the pro­gram will have to sign a non-dis­clo­sure agree­ment, as well as adher­ing to Ubisoft­’s Cod of Conduct.

Ide­al can­di­dates are Skull & Bones fans with a keen inter­est in game devel­op­ment, with plen­ty of time to allo­cate to test­ing and report­ing issues, bugs or just gen­er­al feed­back,” the Insid­er page reads. This has led some users on social media to ask whether the pro­gram requires actu­al game devel­op­ment knowl­edge, and if the Insid­er Pro­gram is call­ing for too much from unpaid com­mu­ni­ty testers.

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