If any­one has got­ten an offer to play the Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed alpha from any­one oth­er than Bliz­zard, avoid it. These are scams, which have been con­firmed by a Bliz­zard employee.

Adam Fletch­er, com­mu­ni­ty devel­op­er lead, said on Twit­ter that he’s seen these scams and he’s warn­ing peo­ple to be care­ful and to under­stand they are fake. The only way to get into the Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed alpha is by sign­ing up through Bliz­zard’s website.

Bliz­zard recent­ly con­firmed that Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed will have two alpha tests. Pro­duc­er Matthew Ced­erquist told GameSpot at Bliz­zc­Con that the alpha test will begin soon, but not spe­cif­ic date was announced. 

Dia­blo II: Res­ur­rect­ed is com­ing to PC, Nin­ten­do Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4 and PS5 some­time lat­er this year.