Mon­ster Hunter Rise is set to launch on the Switch March 26th, but play­ers will have anoth­er chance check the game out before then. Cap­com announced the sec­ond free Mon­ster Hunter Rise demo will release on March 11th. On top of this, the pub­lish­er gave a glimpse at the title’s first free post-launch update.

The sec­ond demo will fea­ture the two train­ing mis­sions and two hunts from the pre­vi­ous demo, as well as a new ” advanced” quest to hunt the game’s flag­ship mon­ster, the Mag­na­ma­lo. This demo will also have a play-count lim­it; you’ll only be able to col­lec­tive­ly play the three hunts 30 times. 

The demo will sup­port online play, giv­ing you the option to group up with oth­ers on the hunts. Of course, you’ll need to have a Nin­ten­do Switch Online sub­scrip­tion to play with fel­low Mon­ster Hunter Rise players.

Cap­com also released a new trail­er for Mon­ster Hunter Rise dur­ing the Mon­ster Hunter Dig­i­tal Event. The video recapped the game’s sto­ry and many of the mon­sters that will be encoun­tered. It also con­firmed that two mon­sters will be return­ing in Rise: the Nar­gacu­ga and the Zinogre.

Cap­com fin­ished the trail­er with the reveal of Rise’s fir free post-launch addi­tion: the Elder Drag­on Chameleos. It will be “one of mul­ti­ple mon­sters” arriv­ing as part of a free update for the game in April.