Sea of Thieves Beta Coming Tomorrow, Mostly a “Scale Test”

Anoth­er beta is start­ing tomor­row for the upcom­ing pirate-themed mul­ti­play­er game from Rare, and it’s pri­mar­i­ly a Scale Test to see how it func­tions under pres­sure. It’s open for any­one who’s in Xbox Insid­ers and play­ers who pre­vi­ous­ly had access to the closed beta. Plan on the beta open­ing tomor­row on Feb­ru­ary 16th at 10am GMT (2am PST) and end­ing on Feb­ru­ary 18th at 10am GMT (2am PST).

Rare stat­ed they learned “so much about our [their] ser­vices and capa­bil­i­ties”, which was main­ly due to the num­ber of play­ers that showed up to the last closed beta. This time, they will be putting their ser­vices to the test to ensure “the game stands up to the amount of inter­est we’re [they’re] expect­ing to see.”

What to Expect

Rare is telling play­ers to expect to see issues as they flood their servers inten­tion­al­ly by throt­tling per­for­mance at cer­tain times, test­ing the game in dif­fer­ent data cen­ters around the world, and sim­u­lat­ing delib­er­ate out­ages. So when play­ing this week­end, you will most like­ly run into some of these issues:

· Ses­sions being interrupted

· An inabil­i­ty to join the game at cer­tain times dur­ing the weekend

· Issues when using shops in-game

As for the fea­tures that will be includ­ed into this beta, fea­tures will pur­pose­ly be sim­i­lar to the last one. Play­ers are restrict­ed to the Gold Hoard­ers trad­ing com­pa­ny & accom­pa­ny­ing Voy­ages. The pur­pose of this beta is to test their servers, and they will not be tak­ing feed­back on the game’s experience.

If you are hop­ing to see anoth­er beta, Rare did say they will host one clos­er to the titles launch, which will have fuller expe­ri­ence for the play­ers. A cou­ple more scale tests will also be seen from now until Sea of Thieves launch.

Source: Rare 

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