Sea of Thieves Patch Notes — See What’s Changed

Rare released notes for a small patch which changes a few things for Sea of Thieves play­ers. Noth­ing major, as the patch was only 450MB in size. 

How­ev­er, it does change the spawn dis­tance of a crews sunken ship by a sig­nif­i­cant amount This was in response to play­er feed­back from play­ers who felt they were being “griefed” by spawn­ing their ship to close. 

This patch also changes the Mer­maid Tele­port. Play­ers used to lose any trea­sure they were car­ry­ing when tele­port­ing back to the ship. Now you will have to drop any trea­sure you have before the tele­port option is given. 

Below are the rest of the patch notes, includ­ing known issues the team is work­ing on:

Patch 1.0.2 — April 2018


  • Ship respawn dis­tance — When a ship sinks, we have sig­nif­i­cant­ly increased the dis­tance at which the crews new ship will respawn. Ships will now respawn out­side of vis­i­ble view of the ship that sank them. This is in response to lots of play­er feed­back which high­light­ed that the pre­vi­ous spawn dis­tance was result­ing in “grief­ing” behav­iour and stale­mates at the forts!
  • Mer­maid Tele­port — Pirates will now have to drop any trea­sure item they are car­ry­ing before being able to see the ‘Tele­port back to ship’ option from the mer­maid. We saw feed­back that play­ers were acci­den­tal­ly leav­ing trea­sure behind in the sea, so want­ed to make it more clear that when you tele­port you leave your trea­sure behind!

Fixed Issues

  • [PC Only] Play­ers should no longer expe­ri­ence the 0x80070005 error or get stuck at 99% dur­ing installation.
  • Play­ers are no longer able to fall through the ship geom­e­try and into the sea if they are to repeat­ed­ly jump on the chests/barrel locat­ed mid deck
  • The voy­age image on the captain’s table now dis­plays the rank (pro­mo­tion) ban­ner in the top right cor­ner, to keep in line with oth­er areas of the game UI.
  • When accept­ing a game invi­ta­tion whilst match­mak­ing, the game no longer enters a tem­po­rary unre­spon­sive state.
  • Boun­ty Cap­tains will no longer spawn mul­ti­ple times.

Performance Improvements

  • Mul­ti­ple serv­er and client crash fixes.

Fur­ther improve­ments and opti­mi­sa­tions for all plat­forms are ongoing.

Known Issues

  • Play­ers may expe­ri­ence details of their pirate (such as hair colour / scars) look­ing dif­fer­ent from their ini­tial selection.
  • Achieve­ments earned pri­or to March 29th are delayed, but will be award­ed once our fix is applied.
  • Some play­ers are unable to equip a sec­ond weapon. For a poten­tial workaround see our Sup­port Arti­cle.
    For an update on these three issues, please read our Launch Update writ­ten by Exec­u­tive Pro­duc­er, Joe Neate.
  • Some play­ers have not received their Black Dog Pack code.
    If you pre-ordered from the offi­cial Microsoft Store, please sub­mit a Sup­port tick­et through Sup­port. If you pre-ordered from anoth­er retail­er, please con­tact them to receive your code.
  • Some play­ers can­not see their down­load­able con­tent in game.
    Please read our Sup­port Arti­cle for a poten­tial workaround for this issue.
  • Boun­ty quest skele­tons some­times do not spawn or can­not be found.
    If you encounter this bug, a poten­tial work around is to sail away from the island until it’s out of range, and then sail back in to trig­ger the Island Name banners.

Source: Rare

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