Sea of Thieves Alpha Updated And More Players Invited

Rare has announced new details about Sea of Thieves next tech­ni­cal alpha update. They are also invit­ing more play­ers from their insid­er pro­gram which you can sign up for here.

The new update, Tam­ing New Seas, will add two main fea­tures. New islands and regions will be added to the game that play­ers can ful­ly explore. Skele­ton gun­ners will now pop­u­late islands and are hos­tile to players. 

There are a num­ber of small­er fea­tures also includ­ed. Char­ac­ters will now be dam­aged by falling from great heights and drink­ing too much will cause a “vis­cer­al spew­ing expe­ri­ence”. The Voy­age Sys­tem is now being imple­ment­ed and will be the way quest are deliv­er and framed going forward.

Accord­ing to Rare’s Twit­ter there is still a chance to get into the next alpha. If you don’t make it by this week­end, you’ll have a chance to get in lat­er when a new update is released and more play­ers are invited.

Seas of Thieves due to release some­time in 2017 for Xbox One and PC

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